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Bella Hadid
Credit: bellahadid/Instagram

Skinny jeans are the butt of every sartorial joke right now. They're hated passionately by Gen Z, and you can't even utter the words "skinny jeans" without eliciting an extreme response from anybody. The entire internet has an opinion, although I think there's one we aren't discussing enough: If Bella Hadid wore skinny jeans, they'd automatically be back on trend. 

Here's the thing: Bella Hadid has her own sense of personal style that's so refreshing for a supermodel of her status because a stylist isn't involved. Her breadth of knowledge — not to mention her enviable personal collection of vintage Galliano Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier — gives her serious street cred with fashion editors and TikTok fashion fans alike. People trust her taste because it feels authentic. So when she wears a pair of Miaou Capri shorts on her Instagram story, like she did the other day, she has the power to completely change the conversation around a controversial pant trend. 

You could write a thesis on skinny jeans just by doing a quick search on Twitter, but there isn't nearly as much discourse around capris, which were popular in the early 2000s and then quickly disappeared off the face of the earth. But Hadid's pair by fashion 'It' girl brand Miaou are definitely cute enough to bring the trend back, especially when worn with a matching Miaou cropped cardigan

On top of now having Bella Hadid's approval for 2022, capris honestly don't deserve the bad rap they've had for decades because they're essentially genius. They're cropped in such a way that they can easily be worn with  boots of any length, and they're perfect for when it's not yet no-pants weather but still warm enough to show some skin. Now all we need to do is place bets on when Hadid will try to turn the tide on the infamous skinny jean. She has that power, after all.

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