Shoppers Say This Viral Serum Is "Shockingly Good" for Leaving Wrinkles "Undetectable"

Shoppers Say This Viral Serum Is "Shockingly Good" for Leaving Wrinkles "Undetectable"

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It's always a happy accident when research for one story unearths another excellent beauty find. Such was the case this week: While combing through TikTok videos about Rachel Bilson's beauty secret, I came across a viral video titled with four convincing words: "Botox in a bottle." The product? Indeed Labs' Snoxin II, a peptide-laden treatment that's taking the internet by storm. 

As TikTok user weezasworld detailed in their video, "When I went to flex my eyebrows up, there's still a predominant line and there's still lines there, but they're not nearly as bad. I am shook, it looks so good for a two-hour application." They're not the only ones who saw major results. At Ulta, where the Snoxin II serum is currently sold out, the wrinkle-tightening product has earned five-star reviews from former Dysport patients and those who saw it work "wonders" on their fine lines. 

This isn't the first time the brand has cracked the viral code; Indeed Labs' Nanoblur primer spawned dozens of "I tried it"-type videos after makeup artist Doniella Davy used it in lieu of setting powder on the set of Euphoria. To date, the #indeedlabsnanoblur hashtag has almost 700,000 views on TikTok, so it's a testament that the brand knows how to create a product that delivers. 

And according to shoppers, that the Snoxin II does. "Shockingly good," wrote an Ulta reviewer who said it left their horizontal forehead lines "undetectable." The smoothing effect is so potent that an Amazon shopper named it the "most effective fine line fighter" they've ever used; after seven days with it, their face "looked three to five years younger." 

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The results are thanks to a few fast-acting peptides in the formula. The most intriguing of them is XEP-018, a neuropeptide that mimics cone snail venom (just a little bit more aggressive than snail mucin). According to InciDecoder's explanation of the manufacturer's study, the ingredient can block the brain's signals to muscles that cause them to contract, which reduces wrinkles in mere hours — exactly the change TikTok users documented.  

The XEP-018 — somewhere, Grimes' baby name sensor is tingling — is bolstered with the addition of palmitoyl tripeptide-38, which claims to stimulate collagen, protein, and hyaluronic acid production in the skin. As the website Truth in Aging notes, there's very little independent research on the ingredient, but shoppers do report seeing a decrease in wrinkles after using serums with the addition. Finally, hexanoyl dipeptide-3 norleucine acetate enhances skin's resurfacing ability and hydrates with the help of glycerin

The power of peptides is proven time and again — even Judith Light is a fan. And as a last user mentioned, the Snoxin II serum goes above and beyond as an anti-aging hydrator. "Not only has it helped with the appearance of fine lines, it has improved the texture of my skin and left it feeling plump and moisturized." Try Indeed Labs' viral Snoxin II serum for $30 at Amazon.