This Eye Cream Is So Effective, Shoppers Quit Their Concealers

This Eye Cream Is So Effective, Shoppers' Crow's Feet Are Left "Dramatically" Smoother

It also brightens circles so well, people skip concealer.
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The only thing worse than TikTok for my sleep habits is a grippingly good book. Jane Pek's The Verifiers kept me up reading until 1 a.m. last night (love a modern whodunit), and while the sleepiness is nothing a strong cup of coffee can't fix, I know my persistent bedtime procrastination isn't the best thing for my skin, or the dark circles and bags my mom has always contended with. But according to shoppers, one revered eye cream effectively cancels those concerns as it lightens lines. 

Paula's Choice skincare is a hit-maker: One of the brand's famed 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliants sells every seven seconds, per the brand, and its 1% Retinol Treatment earns the title of "wrinkle-eliminator" from fans. That anti-aging prowess is front and center in the Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream, which melds moisture with tightening and brightening factors. After a few days of using it, a reviewer said their crow's feet are "barely visible" — and within two weeks, another person testified it "drastically" brightened their dark purple under-eyes. 

They're part of a crowd who's fully convinced the eye cream is best in class. A different user wrote that they no longer wear concealer thanks to the product, and someone in their late 40s saw a "marked difference" in the lines around their eyes. It's multipurpose, too: One customer co-opted the formula for their forehead and lip wrinkles, and saw them plump up as well. 

RESIST Anti-Aging Eye Cream
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In classic Paula's Choice fashion, an orchestra of well-vetted ingredients are behind the results converts see. Shea butter, glycerin, vitamin E, and allantoin make for gentle hydration and the formula's balmy texture, while vitamin C and licorice root extract brighten shadows. Wrinkle-wise, two peptides firm skin, and phytic acid functions as both an antioxidant and line-lightening exfoliant. Resveratrol, troxerutin⁠, and extracts from willow bark, bearberry, and sea whip also up the cream's free radical-fighting power. 

With those in the eye cream's pocket (and 14 clinical studies to back up the science), the rave reviews make total sense. Want to join the hordes who've seen the Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream dispel their "sunken" and "sagging" skin? Get the key to "dramatically" smoother under-eyes for $35 at the brand's website or Amazon