Shoppers Say This Anti-Aging Moisturizer Makes Their Necks Look "20 Years Younger"

Shoppers Say This Anti-Aging Moisturizer Makes Their Necks Look "20 Years Younger"

Even for people with sensitive skin.
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Some questions are rhetorical. For instance, I ask my cat five times daily, who's a sweet man? And it's always him. Some deserve answers: Is there ethical consumption under capitalism? I'd like to think so, you just have to take action. In addition to following journalists like Alyssa Hardy, Naomi Klein, Dr. Katharine Wilkinson, and David Wallace-Wells, I like brands like Ren, which use ocean-bound plastic and were zero-waste in 2021. And it helps that people with sensitive skin say the brand's Bio Retinoid Youth Cream leaves them with "fewer deep lines" within days.

The Youth Cream is the sister product to Ren's much-loved Bio Retinoid Serum, the Edwina to its Kate (forgive me, father, for I have Bridgerton-ed). Like the serum, the Youth Cream relies on bidens pilosa — also known as black jack extract — to reduce wrinkles and firm skin to such a degree, one shopper said their neck looked "20 years younger." As New York dermatologist Dr. Michele Green tells InStyle, the ingredient contains phytanic acid, which "activates the same receptors in the skin as retinol to stimulate collagen and elastin production." 

The formula also includes a melee of plant oils and extracts for moisture: rose fruit oil, glycerin, triheptanoin, cottonseed oil, and hyaluronic acid. Red algae extract, vitamin E, and ascorbic acid add antioxidants, and lactic acid gently resurfaces — all of which make for a formula shoppers say doesn't irritate even often-inflamed conditions. "My skin is more refined and healthier," wrote one fan. "I am 48, wrinkle-free, still have great elasticity to my skin, and the perioral dermatitis is under control." 

Ren Bio Retinoid™ Youth Cream
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A 57-year-old who's used the cream for over a decade likewise advocated, "My esthetician says I have the skin of a 34-year-old, peaches and cream" — damn, okay. That effect is apparently pretty common: One user said it made their skin look its healthiest in years since the lightweight moisture lasts all day. Others commented on their noticeably firmer and smoother skin, like one customer who wrote that it left their wrinkles supple and less visible. 

It's always nice to find something that "truly makes a difference" — if only our politicians would do the same. Get Ren Skincare's Bio Retinoid Youth Cream for $72 at the brand's website.