Shoppers Rely on This Serum to Ease Their Laugh Lines and Wrinkles

Shoppers Rely on This Serum's Celebrity-Approved Ingredients to Fade Wrinkles

“My skin has never felt more hydrated, and I’ve even been told I look younger.”

Imagine you walked into a room, and there sat Kate Middleton and Megan Fox. What would they discuss? Maybe the intricacies of living in the public eye, or the '90s fashion revival, or perhaps skincare. We'll probably never know, but one shopper-loved face oil unites two ingredients Middleton and Fox both favor — with spectacular results to show for it.  

Fox previously mentioned she slathers on moisturizing grapeseed oil after showering, and Middleton reportedly turned to rosehip oil to maintain her glow while pregnant. So the suitably glowing reviews customers leave for Three Ships' Boost 49% Rosehip Oil Serum check out: It supplements rosehip oil with 49 percent grapeseed oil, which softens fine lines with vitamin A, C, and abundant antioxidants. 

As one person in the 56 to 65 age range wrote, the oil's line-minimizing power is so effective, they're on their second bottle. Others called it a "hydrating miracle" that makes a "visible difference" for smoother skin — just three or four drops are enough to keep skin supple all day. A fan with "mature" skin said it left their face feeling "so soft" as it reduced fine lines, which is likely the namesake ingredient at work. As dermatologist Dr. Michele Green previously told InStyle, rosehip oil "has the ability to penetrate the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles." 

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Where some face oils can feel greasy and take ages to sink in, one more person said Three Ships' absorbs within five minutes — and the texture-smoothing might is so powerful, they bought eight bottles (par for the course with Three Ships: One person bought 10 bottles of its hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum). People who've worked the Boost Rosehip Oil Serum into their routine also saw their crow's feet shrink, and the under-$40 price tag is a plus.

"Colleagues, even on Zoom meetings, tell me I look like I just got a facial," wrote a reviewer going on 10 months with the oil; another said their dark under-eye circles look "a lot better," and their wrinkles have improved. That brightening capacity might stem from the vitamin C rosehip oil contains, or the essential fatty acids it packs (in grapeseed oil, too). 

"My skin has never felt more hydrated, and I've even been told I look younger," wrote a penultimate enthusiast. A last one said that at 53, their skin looks its best ever thanks to the "transformative" blend. Try the Three Ships' Boost 49% Rosehip Oil Serum with its two celebrity-approved ingredients for $35 at the brand's website.